Restore Accidentally Closed Applications

This happens many times that while working on a document or browser we close the window accidentally, then to open it again we need to traverse to the location again but here is a technique with which you can restore or recover the accidentally closed windows or programs in seconds.

The above image must have told you what this application is capable of doing. In fact the application is great to use in case your system shows error messages very often.

The application is called GoneIn60s and as the name suggests we can restore the closed window

within 60 seconds with just two clicks, however you can change the time as you wish.


•    Right click on tray icon and click on the closed window to restore it.

•    Small and free.

•    Does not require installation.

•    Double clicking restores all the windows.

Download GoneIn60s

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  1. Hey ,
    Can you please give me the source code of no close or give me a brief idea about how it is developed.

    Thanks in advance!!

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