Restore Data after Factory Restore on Android automatically

Your android phone is really a very nice device. It is just like a mini-computer in your hands. You can access your e-mail accounts, surf internet, download and view documents and do a lot more. But sometimes it might happen that your phone starts behaving strangely may be because your phone is attacked by some virus or a file is corrupted.

Then in this situation, what you do? You go to your settings menu and select “factory restore”.  After this restore your phone becomes a fresh device. But after restore you find that all your saved bookmarks, app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings are lost.

Your phone doesn’t provide you with an option to back up the settings and other data. Now after the restore you have to initialize all your data. But what if you get a tip that will help you to get all your lost data back? Yes you can easily backup all settings and other data automatically on your android phone.

To automatically restore your data, press the Menu button from the Home screen, select Settings, and then select Privacy.

Select ‘Back Up My Data’ and ‘Automatic Restore’. Back up My Data option will backup all your personal data such as applications, passwords, bookmarks, etc. on the Google server. The other option that is Automatic Restore will restore all the data was backed up, whenever you reinstall an application. We hope that this trick will help you.

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  1. @Sushil – if you have latest android version. I mean 2.4.X

    then by long pressing power button, you will get screen capture option. If you don’t have this then simply search an app for screen capture, there are many applications are available. 🙂

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