Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button

Usually we install many add-ons that are available for browsers. Sometimes we need them and some time we don’t require them. The unutilized add-ons are just waste and it increases the burden of your browser. Actually the themes or add-ons that we install on our browser make the browser slower and sluggish.

What is the main reason that we use third party browsers over the default internet explorer? The main reason is the speed. Third party browsers actually give you better speed than the internet explorer. But there is no use of the browser if they start working slow just because of installing extensions.

Firefox is continuously working to make the user’s experience better. It is trying to make it fast and efficient for users. Recently Mozilla Firefox 13 has been launched which offers ultimate speed to its users. The most amazing feature in this new edition is the Reset Button. This reset button will transform the browser into the factory default state (same state that you installed it the first time).

When you click the reset button everything will set to the defaults, except bookmarks, passwords, cookies and form data. So that you don’t have to bother at all while choosing the reset option. Since there are many extension installed on our system, hence finding the one which is making the browser slow is a hectic task.

This reset button is really a good feature that has been added in Firefox 13. When you will use this feature, all your data like passwords, notes etc. that is preserved with the browser is transferred to a separate profile thus providing you a clean new browser that too without losing any of your data.

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