Restrict Access to an Application with AppAdmin

For all of us who are working on a shared computer, privacy is at big risk. I used to work on a desktop which was shared by other members of my family, thus there was no way of limiting some programs and applications from use. I could just ask them for their consent. Or suppose there is a small child in your home from whom you wish to protect any accidental execution of a program.

In these cases you will surely need some tool that can protect your applications from access. With the help of this free and portable utility called AppAdmin, you can restrict the access of some application and prevent it from execution. The application makes use of Group Policy editor for this purpose and blocks anyone from the use of the blocked applications without any encryption.

The program is portable and doesn’t require any installation. You just need to double click it to run and use the program wizard. You just need to drag and drop the executable file (.exe or .msi) to the AppAdmin window and select the option of “Block” to block it. Please note here that dragging the shortcut icon will not work here and you will need to drag the executable file only.

One another important point to note here is that do not try to block movable files like notepad/documents as they can be read and copied to another device easily. Installed programs works best through this tool. To prevent the unauthorized use of this tool, you can also password protect it too (in case you forget the password, then visit the link at the bottom).

Moreover AppAdmin allows you to directly use the application without the need of unblocking it by simply double clicking the program entry in the AppAdmin window (this will save you from blocking and unblocking the program again and again). AppAdmin works great on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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