Restrict Access to Word Documents

If you have a Word Doc file that contains some confidential data and you want it to make it only read-only to the other users of the system, then this can be done easily by using Word’s default features.

To ensure that the word documents have only “Read Only” access that is the file contents can’t be changed, printed or copied then just follow the steps below.


1. Open the document to change its access property.

2. Click on “Prepare” option inside the Office Menu button.

3. Now select the “Restrict Permission” option. This will open a Permission dialog.

4. Check the box reading “Restrict Permission to this document”.

5. Here you can specify users who should have Read access to the document and users who should have Change access to the document.

Now your document is read only and protected from the outside world.

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  1. yes to all the info above, but the person’s email i entered in the word restriction read only box still can’t access the doc when i attach it to an engrade online course i’ve written.

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