Reveal Long URLs from Shortened URLs

If you use Twitter then you must have known till now that what URL Shortening services are. With the advent of Twitter, there has been a boost to the use of URL Shortening sites like Tinyurl and that are used for the prime reason of saving characters in a character limited space.

Shortened URLs serve two purposes:

1.    It saves character space by converting the long ones to smaller ones.

2.    It hides the actual URL link behind the shortened one.

While the first purpose is fine, the second one may pose trouble to some people. Imagine opening a shortened URL that leads to some adult sites, at work. I am sure you don’t want that.

Long URL Please is a Firefox extension that can convert the short URLs to their original Long URLs without the need to click over it. The extension currently supports more than 70 URL Shortening services and the list is being updated regularly.

With this you can actually tell if you have been to that page already or not.


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