Reveal or Recover XP Administrator Password using Ophcrack

Forgot Administrator password? Or is that you just wished to access the system with Admin privileges, you can break into the system without even feeling the need to change the password. If you want to reset the password, refer to my earlier post “Break or Reset Administrator password in XP”.

Knowing XP or even Vista’s Administrator password is easy and using this trick I was able to use my college’s computers with Admin rights even without changing the original set passwords 🙂

To reveal the original set password what all you need is just an iso image of Ophcrack (download it from here). This tool is so powerful that it can reveal almost any kind of password within 5 minutes. This password cracker works on rainbow tables and is available for both XP and Vista.

1.    Burn the image on to the CD.

2.    Boot the system from this CD.

3.    Rest it will take care of itself.

The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is quite large in size (around 450 MB), but it’s still worth downloading. It can both be used for good and bad purposes which I leave it on you.

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  1. i have a laptop with vista , its bios has been corrupted therefore It does not POST and BOOT as well , my problem is that i have some programs & their setting its HDD, so i need to boot this hdd in another laptop without any fresh installation, so please help me out that how could i boot this hdd in different laptop.

  2. To boot another hard disk you have to make it a slave in other pc (that can be a desktop because i guess you wouldn’t open the laptop), so open the desktop and connect the disk with the other with connecting buses and change the boot priority in its BIOS.

  3. Great post! At one time I forgot windows password. I created a windows password reset disk with a program named windows login recovery and I successfully reset the forgotten password with the disk.

  4. Last month, i lost my windows vista administrator password. I solved my problem with the help of the AD Password Reset 1.7.
    It not only supports Windows Vista, I have personally tested it with Windows 7.
    It worked perfectly to reset any local user account to a blank password. Just an easy to use bootable CD/DVD.
    You can download it from:

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