Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox

It is very important to hide passwords as asterisk so as to prevent unauthorized people from viewing it and as it adds a level of security to our logins. Had the passwords been not hidden, we could not have login into many websites in front of our friends or other people. While it is very important to hide the passwords, it sometimes becomes problematic when we forget it.

There are occasions when you accidentally press two keys while typing a password and have to go back again and start all over. Or it might be you are typing with Caps Lock On or the Num Lock off. Yes these are very irritating things and can happen to anyone. Hence it sometimes becomes important to know what we are typing rather than erase all and start typing again. If you are using Chrome, then this is possible with the extension about which we have already written here.

But if you are using Firefox then here is an add-on available for the same purpose. The add-on is called as Show My Password and as the name suggests, it allows you to see the passwords that you are typing and is hidden behind asterisks (or the dots). What you all need to do is just install this add-on, and hover your mouse over the password for about 2 seconds (by default and can be changed) to be able to see the passwords.


This time duration is by default set to 2 seconds so that you don’t make the password visible by mistake. You can also configure the plugin to select the option of seeing the password by right clicking on the password field. This can be very useful too if you have some saved passwords which you have already forgotten and don’t remember it anymore but at the same time if yours is a shared system then be sure to not to save any password else anyone else might be able to see it too.

If the add-on looks really useful to you then you can download and try it from here.

Download Show My Password

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