Reveal Passwords behind Asterisks on Focus in Chrome

How many times does it happen to you, you have your password remembered in Chrome but you don’t actually remember what was the password? Well this is some common problem I have seen, there are some people who tend to forget what the password was while it stood right there in front of them typed in the password box.

There is also a situation when some website is showing “invalid password” message but you are sure that you are typing it correct. I know you can always type the password back again, but what about just looking at the password to be sure of what you have typed?

Whatever be the case, there are situations when you wish to see the password behind the asterisk. Hiding a password by asterisk can be safe at public places but it is usually useless when you are on your personal system or in some secluded place. At such places, it won’t be unsafe to replace the asterisk with the actual passwords but how would you do it?


Well if you are using Chrome, then here is an extension called as “Show Password on Focus” which instantly reveals the password behind the asterisk when you click on the password box and instantly hides it back when you click anywhere else. There is not much complexity involved with this extension, just when you focus the password box you can see what you are typing, and when you click somewhere else, the password is hidden again.


Using this extension, you can not only check your password for errors like typos, caps locks etc but also reveal what you had forgotten earlier. The extension can be easily made Active or Inactive depending where you are present currently. If you are on your home or in some private place then you can enable the extension else you can choose to disable it.

If you think that the extension is really worth a try and can be helpful to you, then get it from the link below.

Download Show Password on Focus

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