Review: MobileFun Carbon Fibre Flip Case for Galaxy Note 2

We all like purchasing new phones, don’t we? And if the phone is an expensive one then we would definitely want to protect it with an external case. There are many types of cases that one can go for, one of them is the flip case which looks great on the phone.

Today we are reviewing a carbon fibre flip case from one of the online mobile accessory sites MobileFun. The case that we are reviewing today can be found here. It is a black carbon fibre case made from good material and looks great from outside other than those with simple plain exterior. The design also looks good in the hand as it is made from two precision cut pieces of material, which is durable and attractive.


Let’s talk about the build quality of the product:

The case has criss-cross design that looks good from outside, and is fairly strong to protect your phone from the scratches and some minor drops but comparing it with an Otterbox is a bad idea. The shape and design of the case is also perfect to fit the phone and hold it firmly. The cut outs on the sides and the back for the keys, camera and the stylus do not also interfere with their functionality. The camera and flash also worked perfect without any dark area on the photo.

The inside of the flap that covers the screen is made of soft leather not even protects the screen but also protects it from the scratches.



What I liked in the product:

Apart from the fact that the case fits and holds the phone perfectly, what I liked the most in the case that it does not make the phone look bulky at all. The case is very slim and for the phone of this size it is very important that phone does not become bulky with the case else it might not fit into your pocket. The case also looks and feels great in the hand as well as in the pocket.

What I didn’t like:

Although the case is quite sturdy, it would have been nice if it was little more firm to protect the screen and the phone from major drops. Other than that, one has to open the lid of the case to charge the phone as there is a protective strap over the USB port. I would have loved to see a cut out on the case for the charger too.


If you are looking for some case that can protect it from minor scratches and drops along with some style then this one is for you. Finally, I would rate this product as 4 out of 5.

Let me know how you feel.

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