Review of Google Browser Chrome

Google Chrome, the web browser released by the Google recently has started making its place in the market right away. Chrome is giving a tough competition to the already present web browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The installer file is around 500 KB in size and can be downloaded from here, but when it is actually launched, the installer takes around 7 MB size.

Let’s have a look at some good features of Chrome:

•    Chrome is a smooth, fast browser that consumes a minimal memory. In a test performed by me, I found that Chrome uses considerably less memory as compared with Firefox 3.

•    Omnibar, which is a search-cum-address bar as stated by Google, is quite good and provides a fresh look to the new browser.

•    There is a feature called “Javascript Debugger” that lets us debug any javascript loaded with a web page.

•    Task Manager feature lets us monitor the memory consumed by each opened tab.

•    While searching an item in Chrome through Ctrl+F, it highlights all the matched items and then moves through them.

The features that we missed the most:

•    Google had left its Linux and Mac users sad as presently Chrome can only work in Windows.

•    We will like to see the extensions in the coming versions of Chrome as it lacked these in the current version.

•    There is no full-scale menu bar and no title bar- a few disadvantages.

Share your Google Chrome experiences here. Let others know what is the feature most liked by you and what you missed the most?

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