Risks with Anonymous Proxy Sites

We have opened many restricted sites through the Anonymous Proxy sites someday or the other without knowing the risks and security vulnerabilities involved in this.

There are loads and loads of anonymous proxy sites available which are used by many people who are unaware how unsafe it is to use this for our confidential data. Use of such proxy sites is highly risky and it is advisable that you stop using those with immediate effect.

The biggest risk involved with these sites is that these Proxy sites may capture all the information that is being transmitted through their site which not only include your activities but also your important and secure login details and password.

Also the use of these sites is against many company and service providers’ policies. Users have no control on the servers that are used to access the restricted sites. What’s more, even your IP address and web sites you visit are recorded at your ISP and in many other places across the internet.

Thus it is a better practice to avoid using the proxy sites to access restricted sites.

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