Risks with Free Downloads

When you come across a free utility on the Net, the temptation to download is really hard to resist. From music, wallpapers, software to editors and other useful stuffs, not all things that we get for free are safe.

Downloading goodies from the net without a cent comes with some hefty prices later such as:


One of the most common add-ons that come with free softwares is the hidden spyware. For example, once you have installed your favourite music player, the spyware will start preying on your private details. What’s more, your PC will also get slowed due to the fact.


This is a common program that gets installed after you have downloaded something from a corrupt site. You can easily see the difference when the ad window opens up when you click on any link on any site. Solution will be to install an ad blocker in your browser.


Many free downloads require users’ registration that can be completed only when you enter your email id. These email ids serve as the target for the spammers.


Isn’t it quite embarrassing when endless windows of porn sites appear in front of your family members and friends? This is also the effect of the free downloads. Solution will be to scan your system regularly with good AV and malicious code remover like Mbam.


These are the first thing that comes riding with the free downloads, so just make sure you have good AV installed in your system.

The best practise to keep these threats away will be to download stuffs only from the trusted sites and not every site you come across.

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