Risks with Online Gaming

We all love gaming, don’t we and most of us like to play online games as well but there are lots of risks involved with online gaming also.  Phishing is most common in the online gaming world. Gamers are more likely to click on links to external sites that steal personal information as the links are sent by the fellow gamers.

Other common risks with Online Gaming:

•    Cybercriminals seed the pirated copies of the games and that too with the malwares. What they do is, they persist gamers to download some pirated copy of the game that is infected with the malicious .exe file that can steal usernames and passwords easily.

•    Exploits vulnerabilities in the software and the games to access personal information like credit card information.

The amount of time a gamer spends on the internet increases its chances of becoming a victim.

Tips to stay safe:

•    Make sure that your system has latest updated and good Antivirus
•    Enable your Firewall if not already, to prevent unauthorized access to the system
•    Don’t share your personal information with anyone online whom you don’t know
•    Don’t just visit any site to play games, just ensure that the site you are visiting is genuine.

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