Run Android Apps on your Desktop with BlueStacks App player

If you have an Android phone and if you are also love playing your apps on your phone, then this post will definitely interest you. However in case you don’t have an Android phone but love playing those games then you don’t want to miss this either.

App market is a one big place where we can find all our favorite applications which can be either games or some utilities. We also like to install new and new apps on our phone, don’t we? But have you ever wanted to run these apps on your computer?

Well, if you have, then here is a simple tool called BlueStacks App Player using which you can play or run every Android app on your system easily. Yes, you heard it right, you can play games or use any app on the large screen of desktop without any lag or delay. This tool is great for both, having an Android device or not.

BlueStacks is an app player for Windows that runs the android apps fast and full screen on your computer or tablets. Although it is in the Alpha stage, it is stable enough to play lot many apps, and it is free too. You can either download new apps from this tool (useful for those who don’t have an android device) or just push your favorite apps from your android device to your computer using the Cloud Connect app.

Using this tool is fairly easy and safe, so you can enjoy any game or any app on your computer running on Windows. Pushing the app from your android device is also secure and easy, as this is provisioned by a pass code that you get using the Cloud Connect mobile app.

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