Run Multiple OS Same Time with VMware Player

It happens many times that we wish to run multiple Operating Systems but the effort required to uninstall one and install another is huge, so it is a better option to run another OS virtually without the need to install it.

VMware Player is the easiest way to run multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC. You don’t even need to restart your PC to switch between them. With this tool you can try out any OS whether compatible or not simultaneously.

Whether it is windows 7, Vista, XP or Linux you can run any OS side by side and use any one at a time. What’s more, VMware Player is free for personal non-commercial use.

Download VMware Player

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2 comments on “Run Multiple OS Same Time with VMware Player
  1. himanshu says:

    ya i have tried this. this is great software when u want to try multiple software without installing on the same pc

  2. Monty says:

    When having multiple OS on VM, have you heard of any issues with the VMware? For example, the VMware not finding a particular OS and unable to run it?

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