Run Windows XP on Windows 7

It’s been a long time since the release of Windows 7 but there are few individuals who are not impressed with Windows 7 and want to continue with XP.

Windows XP is so simple and easy to use that not everyone wants to come out of XP. So if you are using Windows 7 but also wants XP back then Windows 7 has something interesting for you.

The feature is called “XP mode on windows 7” and it can enable you to continue with XP while using Windows 7. This feature works with the feature called Windows Virtual PC. Other advantage of this feature is that while Windows 7 is compatible with most of the applications in XP, in case there is some application that runs only on XP then you can run it easily.

The only thing to note is that you must have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to run Windows XP Mode. The tip has been given by one of our readers Sakthi, and we thank him for the same.

Download Windows XP Mode

2 Replies to “Run Windows XP on Windows 7”

  1. “people that aren’t impressed with win7”???

    Win7 is so much more than XP.

    I was skeptical at first. I downloaded the Win7 RC and ran XP on another machine thinking Win7 would be another Vista.

    No sir. Win7 is what Vista SHOULD have been.

    I made the turn and didn’t look back.
    I encourage your readers to latch on to Win7 and run with it!!

    Love your blog BTW. Keep up the great work. I read daily.

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