Safeguard, Optimize and Enhance your Windows with YAC

An old computer can’t match the performance capabilities of a new computer, however we can always try to reduce this gap and maintain our own computer to extract the most of it. Maintaining old computer is not easy as it tends to get slow over the time (not by degrading hardware but because of the temp and junk files), is prone to attacks and other things.

Thus, to protect our computer from external attacks and keep it running like in a new state, we need some third party tools. There are many tools available for this purpose; one which I am reviewing today is called as YAC (Yet Another Cleaner).


What is YAC?

In short, YAC is an all-in-one PC Protection service with Malware Removal, outdated Registry & Cookies Cleaner with Privacy Protection and System Cleaning Capabilities.

In detail, what YAC does is: it cleans your PC for outdated registry entries without breaking them, cookies and junk files. YAC also helps protect your browser from malicious plug-ins by clearing out of cache/browser history, emptying the recycle bin, old Windows logs, memory dumps and other “unseen” objects to speeds up slow computers. Also helps in saving disk space and keep the computer running fast.

Why use YAC?

This small program is free to use and has been trusted by many users worldwide. The tool has also been cleared to use by Norton and McAfee agencies. So if you are mesmerized by what this small tool can do, you should give it a try.

YAC is really simple to use and has a GUI that can be operated by even someone who doesn’t have much information about the computers. It lets you see the scores based on your PC health, and lets you clean the issues in just a click. However, we would suggest you to look into the causes before blindly removing them.

So if you liked the tool and want to give it a try, then the download link is provided at the bottom of this article. Please don’t forget to create a System Restore Point before installation, to undo the changes if anything goes wrong.

Download YAC

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