Safely Remove any USB Device with USB Safely Remove

Safely Remove Hardware is a good option to remove the external USB devices connected to the computer but there might be a case that this option not always works for you. If not this, you must have come across many hard drives that do not respond to Safely Remove option.

If this is the case with you too then this tool is surely for you. The tool is called USB Safely Remove and is a USB Device Manager that can manage all the USB devices connected to the system. With this tool you can of course, safely remove not only pen drives, but also hard drives and other devices too.


•    Easy device recognition: View device icons for easy recognition of the drives.

•    Saves time: Safely remove using the hot keys

•    Program Autorun on device connection

•    Command Line option also available

You can easily download the tool from the link below. This article has been suggested by one of our regular readers Khanindra Borah.

Download USB Safely Remove

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