Safest Way to remove any Virus

These days the count and the types of viruses have increased a lot and we often come across different kinds of them each day. While most people fear them, I just love them. Yes, you read it right, I have been handling different kinds of viruses for over a long time now and I don’t fear them.

So if you also fear them and don’t know the best way to remove them (let it be your pen drive or hard drive), here are the tips for “Removing the Virus”:

1. The first and the basic step is to scan the drive with your Anti Virus installed in the system. This will take out the most (if not all) of the viruses but there are a few that are still not detected by them.

2. Next go to Tools (in My Computer) -> Folder Options -> View Tab. Tick the option of “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck the option of “Hide protected operating system files”.

3. Now go and open the infected drive (if it is not opening then type its name like “C:” in the address bar). Do not fear, the virus which is not detected by the Anti Virus will not spread on its own.

4. Now you will see some new files or folders that are less visible that is which are translucent, these are the threats that were hiding from us. Remember, these files will also include Operating System files which are required by the system if you are removing threats from the hard disk but in case of a pen drive, it has none of them.

5. Now manually delete all the suspected files that you didn’t know about (just remember to not to delete the system files). Congrats, the virus has been removed.


Read this post as well to know another method.

Don’t panic, virus is fun!!

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  1. iam unable to see my hidden files. When i click the folder options again, i see that the option has reverted back to “Do not show”.This started happening couple of days back but was working fine before that. How do i see my hidden files again?

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