Save all your Confidential Information at One Place

We have lot of data with us in our system which is very important to us, isn’t it? It is hardly possible to remember each and everything. But there are certain things which is important to us to remember like information related to Bank accounts, driving license, email ids and passwords, credit cards and other things.

Thus, we need a utility that can save all our necessary information at one place. We can’t even rely on our desktops and mobile phones, as there is a threat of getting the operating system crashed. We can’t rely on our diaries as they can also get lost. So a solution for that is an online password storage service that will act as a security vault for all your information.

EverPassword is a tool which works on the basis of cloud computing which will synchronize all your information with all supported devices. After downloading the tool, for the first time you will see the login screen. You have to click “Free sign up” and it will lead you to website where you will have to create a new user account.

Your email will be authenticated and you will get a master password for future login. When you log into EverPassword application you will see the various categories in the vault tab where you can store your information. Click on plus sign and add your information. In the settings option you will be able to manage the setting for synchronization. You will be able to sync your information on other operating devices and on your mobile phone as well.

It is really a good application based on cloud computing. It is easy to use and simple to operate. It will save your time and will make you free from the stress of remembering lot of passwords and other confidential info. The application is supported with all versions of Windows including Windows 8.

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