Save and Access any Clipboard Text easily with Clipomatic

Copy Paste feature is one feature in Windows that helps the users a lot but it still have some limitations to it. One can only make use of the last copied item in the clipboard to paste to some location and can’t use any old copied text. Moreover if there is something that you need to paste a lot, then there is no option of making it permanent.

Here is a free and simple utility called Clipomatic that can help you in this regard. Clipomatic is a free windows clipboard manager that can help you to store the recent copied items into the cache memory so that you can just browse through it from the context menu and paste it to some other location. Also you can save some text into permanent memory which you can paste anytime.


All the copied items (here we are referring to texts only as images are not compatible), are listed in the context menu which can be accessed via the keys Ctrl+Alt+V. So you just need to press this hotkey combination, and select the copied item from the list on the active window where it is to be pasted. Do note that this is saved in cache memory and thus deletes automatically after the system reboot.


If you wish to make some text permanent then you need to enter that in Permanent Clipset, which you can access in the clipomatic context menu. Any text entered as permanent clipset will be there even after the system reboot and is seen in the list with the letters prefixed.

The tool is great to use as it enhances the Windows functionality of saving the texts in clipboard and is definitely worth a try. Clipomatic is compatible on all versions of Windows both 32 and 64 bits.

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