Save and Export .doc to .pdf

Microsoft Word is very much popular and a handy tool but the Adobe Acrobat Reader has its own advantages. The PDF document is smaller in size as compared to DOC format of Word. So we often feel the need to convert .doc to .pdf

Microsoft Office 2007 users can do this very easily without using any software for this purpose. What you need is just a small plug-in known as “Save as PDF or XPS”. Using this plug-in you can not only save the file to PDF format but also to XPS format. XML Paper Specification (XPS) format is an electronic representation of digital documents based on XML.

What’s more is that with the link I am listing below the genuine validation test will not be done which is usually required to check the genuine Office software. So this is like a treat for the users using illegal copies.


Save as PDF and XPS: SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe

Save as PDF: SaveAsPDF.exe

Save as XPS: SaveAsXPS.exe

After installing these you will just need to “Save as” the file in the PDF or XPS format.

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