Save entire Text in a Text Box Automatically

If you are someone who likes writing on the forums and discussion boards a lot then this post is for you. Consider a situation, you are writing a story or some tutorial in a text box somewhere on the internet and all of a sudden your computer reboots. You will have to type that again, isn’t it?

Well if you are Firefox user, then you have been saved from this situation. With the help of a plug-in called TextArea Cache, your text will get saved in a cache area automatically just when you are typing in a text box online.

This extension will save automatically the content in textarea or WYSIWYG editor when user is typing. User can recover the saved texts in the cache window. This add-on is extremely helpful in case window or the tab gets closed unexpectedly.

Whenever you will be typing in the text area, you will see an icon in the status bar after the text you have typed has been saved in the cache and clicking on the icon would get you the saved text.

The plug-in is extremely helpful for the content writers who write content online (like me) so that you don’t lose any text in case of any unexpected closure of the tab/window you are writing.

Install Textarea Cache Plugin

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