Save your Gmail Attachments directly to Google Drive

In the previous article you must have got the news about Google drive which is providing 5 GB space to get your files and documents saved online. Since it is provided by Google, we can really trust upon it. If you are using this service then you would have felt that it is very hectic to save your mail attachments on these servers.

Hectic because firstly you have to download those attachments present on your email then again upload it on your cloud service client. However, you can now save your attachments directly to Google Drive and edit it with Google Docs. You just have to install an extension “Gmail Attachments to Drive” which is only available for Google chrome only.

This extension provides you an option to save your document directly to Drive (Google Drive). You no longer need to get your attachments downloaded and then again drag it to your Google drive. This extension is specially designed to save your time. The most amazing feature of this extension is that it allows you to save any type of document on Drive.

This extension is really very nice and handy. It provides stronger support for Google Apps for Business users. It is very useful utility; so far it has worked in both Gmail and my Google Apps Mail and the developer is still trying to get something better. You can download this extension directly from the link given below.

Download Gmail Attachments to Drive

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