Save your iPhone Voicemails to MP3 Audio in your Computer

Voicemails are very handy as they allow us to leave the recipient updated of our plans when we are unable to reach him or when he is busy to answer the phone. Voicemails can be personal or official, in both ways they are important. Sometimes it becomes important for us to keep a copy of the voicemail in our computers; it can be to save certain information or just the sweet voice of our loved ones.

So if you are looking to save the voicemails to your computer from your iPhone then here are the easy steps for that. Saving the voicemails to your computer is easy and requires a simple tool called as iBackupBot for iTunes (or any other iPhone Backup Manager software)


iBackupBot for iTunes is a simple backup manager for iPhone that can analyze the iPhone backups saved in your computer and copy any data from that into your computer. So the first step here is to backup your iPhone with iTunes so that it contains all the voicemails that are there in your phone.

Now you need to run this tool. It will automatically detect the backups saved in your computer and will present the data file in the left window whereas on the right side you will see all the data. Scroll down to find the voicemails present and select those which you want to transfer. Now go to File -> Export and save the file to your local computer.

Converting .amr file to .mp3

After your voicemails are transferred from your iPhone to your computer, you will see that those are in .amr format. So if you wish to convert the file format from amr to mp3 then you will need an audio converter for that like Switch or Amrplayer. (If you can’t download amrplayer, then any audio converter will do).

This way you can save your iPhone Voicemails into your computer in mp3 format. Let me know if it helped you.

Download iBackupBot for iTunes

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