Save Priority of Computer Processes with Prio – Process Priority Saver

Every process that runs in the computer has a corresponding process running in background but listed in the task manager. There can be several processes that can run simultaneously and we can also choose which process should be given higher priority.

In Windows we can select the priority of a process running in the Task Manager but they gets reset to default each time the computer is restarted. But if you want to run a specific program but with modified priority then we can use this tool called Prio – Process Priority Saver.

This tool can save the priority for a specific program and runs it with the same increased or reduced priority. Prio will save the applied changes and each time you start this process from now on, it will set the saved priority for it. You will not have to change the priority manually any more.

The tool is free to use and worth a download.

Download Prio – Process Priority Saver

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