Save Screenshot without Using Paint (Windows 8)

Screenshot is an image taken by a computer to record the visible items displayed on the monitor. It is a digital image taken by the host operating system or software running on the computer. Screenshots can be used to demonstrate a program, a particular problem a user might be having, or generally when we need to display output needs to others.

The latest version of Windows: Windows 8 Consumer Preview has several new features and functions. There is an amazing feature in this version which you may like which is capturing Screenshot. To take Screenshots you don’t need to use any image editor to save the captured images.

When you take Screenshot you don’t have to paste it any where. The image will be saved automatically as PNG file. In the previous versions including Windows 7, you can take Screenshots only by using PrtScr key. The captured image will be copied to the Clipboard and users need to use MS Paint or similar tool to save the image.

In Windows 8 also you can use the same method of taking the Screenshot that is using the PrntScr key and then pasting it to the clipboard. But if you use Win + PtrScr key combination while taking the Screenshot, the captured image will be saved directly to Pictures folder as a PNG file.

This is the simplest and the easiest way to take the Screenshots. You can take as many Screenshots you want without struggling to save it. No pasting, no saving. Your Screenshot is ready to use as soon as you press the given combination. We hope that this information may help you.

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