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Twitter is one of the famous social networking services used by us today, as it helps in getting touch with our other friends. If you have been using it, you must be knowing how difficult it get sometimes to tweet within the character limit of 140 characters especially when you are retweeting something and you need to write something of your own along with it, then surely you will face hard time in shortening the tweet within the 140 characters.

Although with some efforts you can shorten your tweets within the range but why waste time and effort on this when we have some online service right for this purpose? Well with this service called as TweetShort you can reduce the character count of your twitter update before tweeting on Twitter so that you are able to say more within the same 140 character limit.


Not only this you will also save time and effort in doing this automatically as you just need to type your original tweet and click a button. It is how simple it is. The service works so great that in our testing it saved like 22 characters and was still able to make sense.

TweetShort actually uses already described short hand words for the words we type like v in place of we, u in place of you and so on. If you look at the screenshot above you will see how effective it was in saving the characters. Moreover it also lets you know about the character count as you type so that you don’t see any error tweeting more than 140 words on the Twitter.


So when you are done typing just click the preview button and it will generate the compressed text which you can right away post on Twitter with a click on other button. If you feel the service can be better and is missing some words that can shortened, then you can click the Suggest Shortwords link on top and enter your own short words.
With time and users’ suggested shortwords, TweetShort is bound to be more efficient. If you liked it, then you can try it for free at the link below.

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