Scan and Check a Webpage for Security and Privacy

The World Wide Web is full of web pages of every type and domain and among them we need to visit some daily for our own purposes. Surfing the net is not wrong but the biggest risk involved here is that we don’t know what website is harmful to us and is recording our information. Thus it is a good practise to have those web pages scanned which you suspect.

So how should you scan a website without actually visiting it? The answer is simple; just make use of the some reputed URL scanners that can scan the whole website for you in seconds for trustworthiness, privacy, reliability and other important aspects.

The first online scanner I would refer is the WOT (Web of Trust) which provides you with 2 ways of scanning, either scan the URL online or download the plugin for your Chrome or Firefox browser and scan the page right there itself. Above snapshot shows how TechSalsa rates, not bad, isn’t it?

Another scanner on my list is, of course, the Norton Safe Web. Enter the URL of the web page and press the enter button. It will provide the scan result instantly.

Last online scanner I would refer is, AVG Online Scanner which also works in the same way. Simple and convenient to use like the others mentioned before.

So whenever you are in doubt or suspect the genuineness of a web page, you know what to do, right? Leave a comment below to let me know how you liked this post.

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