Scan and Find Lost Hard Disk Space with MeinPlatz

There is a thing with hard disk memory, it is not always sufficient. Whether you buy double the memory of the hard disk, you will eventually use all the memory intentionally or unknowingly. I remember upgrading my hard disk to the double of the present hard disk space but over the time, I had used that too. This is the same issue with everyone, so if you are also wondering where your memory space has gone, then do read the article.

Well most of the times we know what we are saving in our disk, but there are times when we don’t know what is being saved and stored in our disk automatically. Hence we need to continuously scan and monitor the hard disk space but doing this manually is not possible. Thus, here is a tool called as MeinPlatz that does it for you. It scans the entire hard disk for you to find out the space utilization for you and present that in a list in an easy form.


The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it eliminates the need of scanning the disk manually to find out which all files and folders are storing how much data. MeinPlatz which actually means “My Space” scans your hard drive for the memory consumption and presents the data in a tabular form which is very easy to decipher.

Using this tool you can find out right in one screen which file and folder is consuming how much data so that you can take the appropriate action. The tool also has an option of excluding the files and folders which you don’t wish to scan. Moreover MeinPlatz allows you to export your data in other formats like CSV or excel, txt and html.

The tool also lets you zoom the display, for easier viewing using the magnifier option. MeinPlatz is found to work on all versions of Windows and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download MeinPlatz

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