Scan End User License Agreements while Installing Software with EULAlyzer

Whenever you install a new software you come across the End User License Agreement also known as End User License Agreementin short which lets you know what the software aims at and thus needs your acceptance for it. While most of the times, the EULA is genuine and doesn’t contain any bad intent but there may be some developers who wish to do something else. Therefore it is very important to go through the entire agreement before accepting it but almost everyone out there doesn’t do it.

In fact, I haven’t seen anyone till date who has gone through even a single agreement before accepting it, may be because these are generally too long or boring to read. Therefore, for all of the people who have this habit of not reading the EULA, here is a tool that can do it for you.


This tool is called as EULAlyzer and is actually an EULA Analyzer for Windows that scans the EULA for you and aims at finding out some of the interesting points in the agreement. Here are the areas that this tool aims to scan for you:

• Advertising
• Tracking
• Data Collection
• Privacy-Related Concerns
• Installation of Third-Party / Additional Software
• Inclusion of External Agreements By Reference
• Potentially Suspicious Clauses
• and much more…

How EULAlyzer works


You need to install this tool (you might want to go through its EULA too lol), and run it whenever you want to scan a new agreement. On the main screen you, then, need to click the Scan button to start a new EULA scan and then paste the entire agreement there.

You will then need to press the Analyze button, clicking on which it will scan the agreement and will present to you the results as a rating.

EULAlyzer can only suggest you if the software being installed is clean or not, based on the scan results, but its on you to abide the suggestion or not. The tool also stores the agreements as a database so that you can refer to it back at a later point of time.

Download EULAlyzer

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