Scan Links for Malware Infection with VTChromizer before Clicking

If you are a download freak who likes to download lot of content from the internet whether it is the movies, software or other documents then here is a great piece of information just for you.

Before clicking the link and starting the download, wouldn’t it be great if you can get to know the origin of the link or how trustworthy it is? VirusTotal which is one of the good scanners available has released an extension called as VTChromizer for the Chrome browser to scan the link before you hit download.

Just use the right click context menu in the Chrome browser after installing this extension, and select the option of “Scan with VirusTotal” to get the link analyzed with the database available with VirusTotal.

Thus if you are not sure of the genuineness of the content before downloading then it is always better to get the link scanned before downloading.

Download VTChromizer

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