Scan Privacy Risks in your Android Phone with Clueful

Whenever we install any software or any app we come across some notice or permissions but most of us never care to go through it, don’t we? Although most of the apps are genuine but it would still be advisable to read those as by reading you know what the permissions the app require are and what all changes it will be going to make in your device. But if you Accepted the permission changes then you won’t even know if the app is breaching your privacy and accessing your data or not.

There are some apps that need to access your data like accessing your present location, send text message on your behalf and others. Thus it is extremely important to know what the privacy risks are that your device is exposed to.


Here is an app called as Clueful (developed by the famous BitDefender team) that will help you scan your Android phone for the potential privacy risks so that you know what the apps are doing in the background. Clueful for Android is a free product that shows you how installed apps use, and possibly abuse, your personal information and treat your privacy.


After you scan your phone with this app, you will be surprised to know how many apps are actually abusing your privacy without you ever knowing it. Clueful provides a score out of 100 based on the scan and also classifies the risks into high, medium and low risks. You can know more about the risks by analyzing each category and right away uninstall an app from the Clueful interface.


Clueful classifies the apps based on the permissions they are accessing now it’s on you to find out whether the permissions are really needed by the app or are they just abusing it? The app is worth a try and works great, if you liked it then you can download it from the location below.

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