Scan Suspicious Files with NoVirusThanks

It may be that you are working on a system having no AntiVirus installed, if it is the case or is it that you just want to scan certain file with more than one AntiVirus, then you can use this online file scanner utility called NoVirusThanks.

NoVirusThanks works similar to the famous Virus Total online scanner. Both the services help in scanning a file with around or more than 20 different AntiViruses. To be able to use NoVirusThanks, you can either use the normal browser uploader on the website or use this NoVirusThanks Uploader.

NoVirusThanks Uploader is an application designed specifically for this purpose of sending the suspicious file right from your desktop to the online scan utility. The application also has many other features which may come useful at different times.


•    Right click SendTo menu, to send the file directly
•    Drag and drop feature
•    Drivers Manager
•    Easy to use
•    Loaded DLLs Manager
•    Multilingual Support
•    Open report in custom Browser
•    Processes Manager
•    Registry Startups Manager
•    Upload files to Virus Scanner

The uploader is a freeware and works on all versions of Windows both 32 and 64 bits.

Download NoVirusThanks Uploader

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