How to Scan your Hard Disk for Errors

With the continuous usage of our computer over the time, our hardware degrades and so do the hard drive. Although a new hard disk usually is guaranteed for about 5 years but it happens many time that it develops errors. So in case you are finding your hard disk to be too slow or making some noise while performing any read or write operations, then this post will help you in solving this issue.

Also since our hard drive contains lot of important data we would advise you to backup it first, in case there is some undoable change. Here are two ways on how you can scan your hard drive for errors and try fixing them on own.

1. Using the Windows default Chkdsk utility

Just open the My Computer, and right click on any drive (one by one). Click on Properties, go to Tools, and select the Check Now button as shown in the screenie. This will open a new window where the error checking option will be selected by default. In case you wish to scan for bad sectors, then you can select the second option and click the Start button.

It will take little time and will give you the results.

2. Using the famous SeaTools (by Seagate)

This is one of the best disk checking tools developed so far and in fact since this is developed by Seagate, you can trust it. The tool is designed to scan your drives for errors and display the results so that you can take actions.

An interesting point to note here is that, you don’t need to download other tools (in case your hard disk is not from Seagate) as this tool works great on any make HD.

There are other tools available too for the same purpose, but this one would suffice your needs. So in case you are facing difficulties with your hard disk, better to get it scanned and find out the cause before claiming the replacement.

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