Scan Your Infected Computer with Multiple Anti Virus without Installing

It is advisable to have not more than one Anti Virus installed in our computer; however there are times when our Anti Virus is not able to detect the virus. Then we wish to install some other Anti Virus but for that we have to remove the previous installed Anti Virus, isn’t it?

Fortunately there is a method with which you can easily scan your infected computer with four different and famous Anti Viruses even without installing them. Multi AV Scanning Tool is a useful tool devised by David H. Lipman that has the ability to scan the computer with McAfee, Sophos, Kaspersky and Trend engines.

How to:

1.    Just download the utility called Multi_AV.exe
2.    Run Multi_AV.exe and choose the default folder C:\AV-CLS ONLY.
3.    Now run StartMenu.BAT or double-click on ‘Start Menu‘ shortcut from C:\AV-CLS folder.

The software can run in two modes depending upon your need, Remove/Delete and Detect Only. While Remove mode will actually remove the infection, Detect mode will detect the infection and will create a log file for your reference later on. However Trend Micro Sysclean utility has its own GUI window for the choices.

Say if you are running the scan using Sophos AV, then just enter its number and the scripts will automatically obtain the Anti Virus vendor’s files for you. The files will be downloaded from the internet and after that you will get a prompt if you want to run the scanner or not.

As shown, if you click “yes”, the scan will start but on clicking “no”, the scan won’t. On clicking yes, another window will open asking to scan on a particular location or not.

Click No to run a full system scan.

9 Replies to “Scan Your Infected Computer with Multiple Anti Virus without Installing”

  1. I keep hearing about this stuff. Really interesting. I have looked online and found some other blogs that offer some information, but not as much as on this site. Your blog is definitely going in my subscription program!

  2. Long story made short: My KIS 6.0 recently detected a virus on my XP SP2 PC.It ended up being a false positive. However, out of paranoia, I downloaded and ran Multi_AV, all 4 scanners in safe mode. No viruses were found, BUT
    something about running Multi_AV on XP Home Edition DELETED the “turn off computer” link from my Welcome Screen. I was unable to get the link back using any of Doug Knox’s tweaks, and I found that my system restore had been disabled (could have been caused by KIS – not sure). What does Multi_AV.exe
    do that would delete the “turn off computer” link on the welcome screen? How could I repair that? This has happened to me before and this time I was able to determine that is was Multi_AV.exe that causes the problem. Please advise.

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