Schedule an email to be Sent Later in Gmail with Boomerang

Everyone likes flexibility and when it comes to our work, it makes life easier. All those who work on Outlook, know the importance of scheduling an email message but for those who are working on Gmail with no client, scheduling an email message to be sent later can be really helpful.

There are situations when we wish to schedule an email to be sent later at some time say to wish someone birthday (about which you might forget later on) or talking to someone who lives in a different time zone. So if it what sounds interesting to you, the service is called Boomerang for Gmail and it lets you schedule the email message to be sent later as specified by you even without the network connection at that time.


The service is free to use and has got lot many features:

Schedule email to be sent later: When installed, this extension brings a new button called as Send Later when sending an email which will produce the date and time settings.

Set Reminders: Boomerang also lets you set reminders like paying your bill, so that the email comes at the top before the due date.
Reminder if you don’t hear back: Boomerang also lets you get reminders when someone you sent an email to, hasn’t responded to you so that you can follow up.
• Lots of others features which you can know by watching the video below.

Managing the scheduled emails is also easy as you just need to click the Boomerang button on top, which will bring you the manage center where all your scheduled emails will be listed.


The only thing which comes with the free service is that it only allows you to schedule maximum of 10 emails a month but if you are someone who would want restriction free service then there are paid plans too.

Download Boomerang for Gmail

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