Schedule Computer/Programs to Turn Off/Reboot at a Particular Time

Does it happen with you that you often forget to shut down your computer and it keep running for whole day? The new operating systems support power management that helps you to save your electricity bills and somehow will control the maintenance level of your machine.

There are programs available for power management. But the program we are going to talk about is a bit different. PowerSave Lite is a portable application that does not only allow you to set timings for shut down or  reboot of your system, but it also allows you to set timings to get any program shut down.

The tool comprises of 6 tabs. The tab named “Now” allows you to perform instant actions like shutdown, sleep, standby, reboot etc. The second tab that is the “Scheduled” tab allows you to add actions and the timings to perform the particular actions. The “Time” tab allows you to set individual actions.

The next tab is the “Applications” that enable the process settings which offer to schedule the shut down timings for a particular program. You can select all the programs that are available on your system from process list. The “Settings” options allow you to set general options.

This app is great and very easy to use. This will definitely save your time and you don’t have to bother to turn off your system, even if you forget. This application is supported all versions of windows and is also available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Download PowerSave Lite

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