Screen Capture by Google for Chrome

With the introduction of screen capture tools like Windows Snipping tool and Print Screen, don’t know how much this tool would be used but here is a tool called Screen capture by Google that works with the Google Chrome browser.

Using this chrome extension you can capture any visible portion of the chrome tab, whether it is a region on the web page or the complete web page. This can be done using the Windows Snipping tool however using this extension you can do more functions like adding text, highlighting and customizing the screen capture.

The image captured is by default saved in PNG format. The main advantage of using this extension is that you can scroll the captured portion when you are capturing the whole page. Supports super fast capturing especially for the larger pages.

You can also upload the images to online albums like Picasa or Facebook. The extension works on Google Chrome and is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Download Screen Capture by Google

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