Screenshot Captor: The best in class screenshot taking tool

If you need to take certain screenshot of a screen what would be your first option: Print Screen button, Snipping Tool, SnagIt or any other utility? Whatever be it, am sure it can’t be more handy than this screenshot utility called Screenshot Captor.

Although Windows have many screenshot taking options but all are basic in features and don’t provide much options. Thus there is the need of some third party screenshot capturing utility but am sure none can provide more features than this tool called Screenshot Captor.

Screenshot Captor has been loaded with so many features that you won’t require any other image editing tool along with this. Here is the list of the features:

• Powerful image editing and clipart library.

• Easy upload of screenshots to online image hosting services

• Powerful scrolling capture tool

• Great ragged edge and splicing effect tool

• Deluxe thumbnail and watermark maker

• Easy to use

• Many effects available

These were just some of the features from the other major features it possess. If you are some person who deals with the image and the screenshots, then you should definitely try this screenshot taking utility.

Download Screenshot Captor

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