Scroll any Inactive Window with AlwaysMouseWheel

If you like working on your system with lots of windows open then this post will interest you. Say for instance, you have three windows open and you need to scroll to the bottom of the third window which is inactive and is in the background, what shall you do?

You will press the Alt + Tab buttons to make it active and then scroll with your mouse, isn’t it? But with the help of this small tool called AlwaysMouseWheel, you can save on few clicks. This tool enables you to directly scroll the window even if it is inactive. You just need to hover the mouse over the window and you can scroll it even it is inactive.

Always Mouse Wheel” is a small portable Windows program this gives you the possibility when using the mouse wheel over any window (under the mouse pointer) to scroll via mouse wheel even if the window is not in the foreground that is even if it is inactive.

This application is a freeware and doesn’t require any installation. You can run it directly after double clicking and also from the USB drive. The app is compatible on all versions of Windows both 32 and 64 bits and is very small in size too.

Don’t know if this is of much use to you, but yes it can be a great fun to use this app.

Download AlwaysMouseWheel

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