Search and Delete all Temporary Files with DustBuster XP

If you have been worrying about the increasing disk space usage and the system turning slower day by day then it is worthwhile to delete all the temp and useless files that have been saved in your system over the period of time.

Locating all the temp and junk files in the system for deletion can be tiresome but what if the same task can be done in a single click? DustBuster XP does exactly that for you. This is a garbage file removing utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems that searches for junk and temp files on your hard drive.

The tool make use of some in built technology to find and locate more than 1500 types of temporary files in a single click and that too without affecting the system and other useful files. It gives you the freedom to clean up disk space simply and securely in no time, enhancing your system’s performance.

Download DustBuster XP

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