Search and Replace Texts across Multiple Files at once

Suppose you are working on some documents that need to be updated with the same text in all of those, what will you do, open each of them and update the text in each of them manually, isn’t it? You can, in fact, save time and effort by having this tool that can search the text for you across all the files simultaneously and replace at once.

The tool is called Replace Text, formerly called BK ReplaceEm, is the free string-replacing utility for Windows. Text is essentially a text search-and-replace program. However, unlike the search-replace functionality of a standard text editor, Replace Text is designed to operate on multiple files at once.

This text replacement software works great in true text files not binary text files like Word docs. One very powerful feature of Replace Text is that you can specify that the destination of the altered file be some other location than where it originally came from. This is handy, for instance, if you want to have some search-replace operations performed on a particular file and have it saved to a destination file, and then want to have different search-replace operations performed on the same file, and have it saved to a different location.

Download Replace Text

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