Search and Download Movie Subtitles easily with Sublight

We all like watching movies and TV serials, don’t we? Sometimes it happens to me that while surfing the channels I come across movies in other languages which I sometimes enjoy watching. Moreover most of us wish to download English and other language movies with subtitles so that we understand them better while watching. Subtitles help us a lot in understanding what the actor is speaking rather than guessing what the actor just said.

I have good collection of English movies with me, but the movies that I have taken from others not all of them subtitles with them. So it can be a problem in understanding the movie for many of us watching them. So for all those who have missed downloading the subtitles of the movies and still like to watch them, then you don’t need to download the entire movie again nor spend whole time in looking the exact subtitle that will sync with the movie.

All you have to do is just use this tool called Sublight. Using this tool you can easily search the web for the subtitles database and download the exact subtitle that you have missed earlier. You can use this tool easily, as you can either, run this tool and enter the search criteria like movie name, type, rip type and ripped by etc or you could just right click on the movie in Windows explorer and just select the option of finding the subtitles with Sublight.

This tool is really helpful in case you don’t have the subtitles of the movie and wish to still watch it, without wasting your time over internet. The tool is free and easy to use which works well in all versions of Windows. However it requires .Net framework 2.0 or later and an internet connection to function properly. Sublight also comes in different languages to help you understand the tool better.

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