Search File Hosting Websites with FilesTube

Having hard time in searching a file that is quite famous and hosted on the file hosting websites? There are lot many free file hosting websites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc that searching for a file becomes bit difficult.

If you like downloading movies, games etc a lot then you must have experienced how much tedious it was to find the links of the files hosted at these places. With the help of another free search website called FilesTube you can search your favourite file easily. This web service is one of the most popular file search services available to us.

With FilesTube you can search the file for all its occurrence on the internet also including the file sharing websites where they it may be hosted. The search result returns the file link, clicking on displays the actual file location where the file is hosted. You can use this service to search for all the video, audio and zip files.

You can also make use of the filters to search either for all the file types or just the specific types. FilesTube is a free service that works great (I tested this for some movies for which the result returned was good enough). If you are a Firefox browser user, then you can use the Firefox add-on to have the search engine added to your browser only so that searching FilesTube becomes easier for you.

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