Search Hard Disk for Lost Disk Space

Have you ever wondered where the space of your hard disk is gone? I agree that some space is reserved for system files and other configuration items but if you are seeing a drop in hard disk free space then it may be a chance that your hard disk has lost some of the space.

If you are wondering how the space is lost, then there may be several reasons for it like the memory space got corrupted or like fragmentation. Thus determining the space lost in the hard disk is a good habit as it provides you with more space to store data.

With the help of this free tool called MeinPlatz, you can easily scan your hard drive for the lost space and find all the memory locations which are not used to store data. Using this tool you can search the lost disk space and in fact bring it to use.

The tool will help you in generating a list of such memory locations which you can easily export to various file formats like XLS, HTM, CSV and TXT. The tool MeinPlatz which in English means “My-Place” can be used to export the list or even print it for future reference. You can use the Windows Defragmentation tool to recover the lost space too.

The tool is free and can operate on all versions of Windows OS.

Download MeinPlatz

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