Search Local files, Internet and Launch Applications right from Desktop

Well if you are required to search some file in your computer what do you usually do, search using Search wizard in the whole drive or use the system search through windows menu (however this feature is not available in XP). Moreover if you are required to search any term on internet, you tend to run the Internet Browser and search by first visiting Google or other search engine.

Doing these things again and again can be really tiring. Here is some tool that can help you a lot with this thing. The tool is called Pipy which is a combination of search engine, application launcher and a local file search tool. Using this tool is very easy, all you need to do is just install it in your system and use some already defined keywords to either search internet, local system or launch any application.

If you wish to find some file in your system then you don’t need to run the search wizard, just type “Search <filename>” in the tool and it will lists all the matching files. Similarly if you need to search a term on internet then you don’t need to run the browser and visit the search engine, just type “websearch <filename>” and it will automatically start searching for you. The results will be displayed below in the tool and you can select any result that suits you.

The third and the last interesting feature present in this tool by default is the application launcher. It can be used to launch any application installed in your system without the need of clicking the shortcut. Just type “launch <filename>” and it will lists all the matches accordingly. Say if you need to open Chrome then just type launch Chrome, it will launch it for you.

This is the one stop location for the above mentioned three features (by default). However Pipy is planning to add more features to it down the line. So in case you liked it well, then you can download it from the location below.

Download Pipy

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  1. This is kinda good. But you can also use Google Desktop. It has a very similar feature. Double tap Ctrl Key and a cool window pops up. You type in and it real-time searches your system as well as the Internet. It is pretty comfortable 🙂

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