Search Similar Websites with “similar sites” add-on for Firefox

There are a lot of websites available on Google showing related contents. It happens sometimes that while surfing a website you sometimes think that may there be some related websites that will display the content of your choice. The option that we undertake to get the related websites is by using Google search engine.

But today, searching related websites using a search engine is an old idea. Using an extension for this purpose is really a good option. The add-on “Similar Sites” for Firefox is that extension that will help you to find related websites. This add-on will display Similar Sites in an overlay window on the screen.

Once you have installed this Add-on, add the icon of the extension to one of the browser toolbars before you can use it. To add the icon just simply go to blank space on one of the toolbars, and select customize from the context menu. You will find the S-icon in the new window then drag and drop it into any of the visible toolbars.

After doing this, whenever you want to locate related websites of any website, from the homepage of that website simply click on this icon (S icon) and an overlay window will display the list of related websites with a small screenshot, site’s name, description and web address. You can then click any of the website from the list and surf it.

In our view this add-on will really help you a lot as you can locate many similar websites comfortably. This extension is worth downloading. Get this add-on from the link given below.

Download Similar Sites

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