Search Web from Address Bar of your Firefox Browser

One feature that Firefox has been lacking for a long time by now is the web search feature from the Address bar of the browser. It feels very convenient to the users if they are able to search the web right from their address bar without opening the Google or Bing webpage specifically.

This feature has been incorporated in many other browsers like Google Chrome but it was something that was missed from the Firefox. Although there is a Search box in every web browser but it is not as much comfortable as it is when searching from the address bar itself.

For all those who like using Firefox more than the other browser, like me, it is with the help of this add-on called InstantFox that you can start searching the entire web right from your address bar where you type the URL of the pages. All you need to do is just type the specific letter for searching which search engine along with the query term, example, typing g techsalsa will search techsalsa on the Google.

Similarly use w for Wikipedia, use y for youtube, a for Amazon, e for ebay, c for calculator, m for Google Maps and wt for weather. The add-on works great on all versions of Firefox browsers and is recommended if you use this search feature a lot.

Install InstantFox

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  1. As long as I can remember, every web browser I have used has been able to do web searches from the address bar by simple by placing a question mark, i.e. ?, before the search words. This has been my favorite way of doing searches in a hurry, regardless of whether the browser has a search bar (like most do now), or not. The search using the “?” runs in the browser’s default search engine; for MS IE that is currently BING, unless one changes the default. On my current Firefox version 5.0.1 it is Google. Using the “?” method, sometimes FF 5.0.1 simply finds the most likely address from the search words, and goes there. Where I work, some of the PC’s still have IE 5, which doesn’t have the search bar. This “?” method is a real time-saver there.

    Just a little hint.

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